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Our goal is to blow your mind, and soothe your soul. Come to our beautiful horse farm and find a safe peaceful place to explore your goals.

One on One Sessions

Private Sessions

$225 for 1 ½ hrs

We meet in the arena or in nature with a horse to assist you in discovering who you are and where you would like to be in this life.  Out horses are here to help support you on your journey.

Phone Coaching

$600 for 8 weeks of ½ hour coaching (phone or Zoom)including the first and last week in person with a horse 

$400 for 8 weeks of ½ hour coaching over the phone or Zoom.

Phone coaching is a great way to stay in touch and continue to grow in between horse sessions. And in the winter, we don’t have to freeze in the cold WI wind.

Family or Significant Other Coaching

$250 for 1 ½ hours

Family coaching starts out as parents enjoying some time away from the children to set goals and start new approaches to family strife.  The children become part of the process soon after. Our goal is to assist in bringing the family back to wholeness, harmony, and clear and calm communication. Horses are the perfect examples of how to live in a herd.

We are also open to couples coming to work on the bond between them and building their relationship.

Group Coaching

We offer group meetings once a week for 8 weeks, limited to 8 participants. Sign up early and get a discount, add a friend and they get a discount too!

We are offering groups for parents, women, mothers, couples, teens, and meditation circles. Find your inner peace, your goal in life, self compassion, self awareness, and harmony in your daily life. The horses will be part of the group until it’s too cold and then we will be inside for winter.

Our groups run for 8 weeks, once a week for two hours.  

$320 per person for the 8 weeks. Ask about our early bird discount and our payment plans!

Workshops and Retreats

Our family coaching workshops are a combination of finding great paths to better parenting and finding out who you are and why you parent the way you do.  The workshops will build on your skills as a parent and a person, embracing what works and finding better ways for what doesn’t.

$150 per person for a 4 hour workshop.


“Marcy is a great coach! She has a way to see right into your heart with grace and ease. I felt she understood my pain and connected with me on a soul level.”

Evie, GA

“Marcy’s positive spirit shines hope and love. Her mere presence is an inspiration of kindness and gentleness through strength.  All persons can benefit from any time spent with Marcy.”

Carrie, CO

“Marcy has an extremely gentle and intuitive coaching style that helped me feel safe and free to express and move through my grief. She is a lovely human and excellent coach.”

Kerry, CO